Social Media helps Stir Protest over Quarantine

Although some may be embracing time away from work and more time with family, protesters in Democratic cities crowd streets protesting the end to the stay-at-home order. Unlike some, I work for Delta Airlines so I am considered an “Essential Employee.” However, business is nowhere near as busy as usual, flights that are typically oversold are now empty or booked with less than ten passengers. It has definitely been an adjustment going to work in such a quiet environment. My hours have been reduced and I just spend most time scanning social media. In Minnesota the stat at home order was moved from April 11 to the end of April, this caused a small protest outside of governor Tim Walz home with people protesting against the stay-at-home orders. Facebook has had a major impact influencing protest. In the article, it is said that activist on social media have used grass-roots efforts to convey the message, using hashtags expand efforts. Social media has played a major role in the Quarantine, from people creating live videos, games, mems and conversations surrounding COVID-19. Social Media has a huge impact on the world and the messages we see and information that is spread. I am indifferent about the protest. Part of me agrees that we should open the economy back up but the other part says quarantine to reduce the number of COVID infections. It feels like a nightmare that has gone on for far too long.

1 thought on “Social Media helps Stir Protest over Quarantine

  1. Hi, I think the quarantine is helping, by allowing politicians to rethink of new implementations. But, reopening job is the best solution at the end. If you think of it, a vaccine will not become available for another year. If one person carries the virus, it’ll surely pass on to another no matter what. Closing jobs in my opinion, was pointless. Because people need to provide for families and I think that is essential.

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