Educational resources for kids stuck at home

Since mid March, children have been out of school due to the coronavirus. Teachers have implemented distant learning assignments to keep kids engaged while out of school. Although many parents like myself was hoping this would not last long, Governor Tim Walz announced last week in a press conference that schools will be closed for the remainder of the school year. Me personally I am not surprised. In late March my children school ordered we come and pick up all their belongings, I knew at that point they would not be returning. Many of us have no background in education, or being a teacher but we all have succeeded through grade school so the material the children bring home is manageable . I came across an article that gives over 40 free educational resources for children while away from school. I found this resource very useful to keep children engaged but also keep them stimulated and excited to learn. Although it is an adjustment for us all, a lot of resources that typically require a fee are free. Many of these educational websites have put together learning activities that promote the involvement of parents teaching children from outside activities to inside. This is definitely much needed considering walking the dog, riding bikes can become a little mundane after a while. I have attached the link for anyone who would be interested in taking advantage of these resources while home with their children.

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