The Opinions of the Rich

I read an article on CNBC about Bill Gates’ blog post on how to stop the Coronavirus from spreading and how to reopen the economy. My first thought is that I am not ever really inclined to take medical advice from rich people who are not in the health industry. One reason being that most of the time you see people in this category making decisions to benefit more dollars and not more people. I don’t think the economy opening should be a priority right now. I understand what that means, I also care more about people’s lives than money.

As far as testing and a vaccine are concerned, I do believe we need faster and more accessible testing for everyone. We have people in county hospitals here that are exhibiting symptoms and need the tests but aren’t getting them; meanwhile millionaires are on Instagram bragging that they got a test, and they don’t even have any symptoms. Again, I care more about people’s lives than dollars.

Bill Gates mentions a vaccine, which I’ve heard many people talk about. That’s pretty controversial. A lot of people don’t believe in vaccines. I know that I wouldn’t feel comfortable getting a vaccine, I don’t get the flu shot because of how my body responds to it. Saying that you know it will fail a few times before we get it right, so who are they going to test it on? How are they going to make sure people living in poverty and can’t afford health care have access to it?

This article, like many that I’ve seen on this same topic, sounds like a bunch of rich people sitting around trying to figure out how to get people better so that they can start making money again. They are never talking about the people who are affected most by this and what they are willing to do, or give, in order to help with this crisis. If people like Bill Gates want to see a change, they should donate to healthcare professionals and scientists who are actually on the front lines treating, researching, and trying to find a solution. I don’t, however, believe they should be contributing to what they think that solution should be.

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