Paul Nettles – Blog Post 1:

Students are weary of online classes, but colleges can’t say whether they’ll open in fall 2020……

Do to the Coronavirus Pandemic, Colleges were forced to convert In-person/hybrid courses to online courses. We all are experiencing this abrupt change. Here at Metropolitan State I have developed great relationships with a lot of staff Members. These staff in which I visited every week. I also have made a lot of friends in the classroom. I honestly have developed another family here at Metropolitan State. That has been taken away from me by this pandemic. I am a hands on learning and have always preferred taking classes in person, the traditional way. College is not fun right, I don’t feel as if I can fulfill my learning potential under these circumstances. I wonder if I will continue my education if the only options is for that to be online. Other students around the country are uncertain as well.

This article shares how college students threaten to not register for classes if the universities put the fall semester online. One student expressed how the transition to online classes has been rocky. A student says it hard to find motivation when not surround by his peers. I completely agree, I have a hard time “doing homework” at “home”. I typically go on campus and utilize the library, computer lab and lounges . Just being at the school helps me focus and be productive. I have had a hard time not being distracted at home. Having so much time has not been helpful for a procrastinator like me.

Another point that article brings up is that the universities are taking a hit financially hit. Multiple universities have announced that they have cut a few sports programs due to the pandemic. They also announced that it will lay off and furlough some employees. The financial problems started when colleges had to send students home and issue refunds for housing cost. Also the “college towns” who thrive on the business of the students at these universities are being hurt the most.

The final topic of this article is “What does Fall hold for college students?”. It shares that one college is on record saying that students physically returning back to campus in the fall is not likely. Majority of them have no definitive plan in place. A total of 5% of college committed to online classes only for the fall. I haven’t heard anything from Metropolitan State University, but I know that if our school does go completely online then I have a hard decision ahead of me. This semester was going really well until this pandemic happened. Good luck to the students across the World and wish me luck.

2 thoughts on “Paul Nettles – Blog Post 1:

  1. Hi Paul,
    Great blog post that we can all relate to! I personally love online classes and when some of mine switched over I was kind of happy, except for this class because it is hard with group work. My summer classes have all switched to online and one of my fall classes as well. It will be interesting to see how things change! Good luck!

  2. Hi Paul,
    Thank you for writing about such a relevant topic! I also have concerns on how the rest of my college experience will go now that in-person instruction is on hold for the next few months. Hopefully there is some containment of the virus for things to get back to normal.

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