Blog Post 1 – Acts of service

At one point in time we are all going to need someone else’s help. Whether it is a favor, a few bucks, or a place to go for the holidays. By sharing kindness with others we are able to give back in little ways that makes the world a better place!

One of the most meaningful things I have done in the last year for others and for myself was to spend more time volunteering. Not everyone always has extra money to throw at a cause they are passionate about. Volunteering is a good way to spread the word about causes in the world that need attention and to encourage others to help in fun or meaningful ways. In the last year I volunteered to help three different causes and I will use the space below to open your eyes about potential to bring more joy into your life and those of others.

The first place I volunteered was Feed My Starving Children which packs dry nutrient dense meals to send to children around the world who might otherwise go hungry. Overall the experience is a little too preachy for me, but it feels good spending an afternoon helping children you will never meet and knowing you are helping them be healthy. Quick tip: I’ve done this about 5 or 6 times, bring friends – it makes the experience more fun and fulfilling. Find more here

The second place I volunteered was through an opportunity my work offered me. My company has a big focus and philanthropy and good corporate social responsibility and they actually will pay every full time employee to take a week off and volunteer somewhere, AND they will donate $500 to that organization if you volunteer for at least 25 hours! So I went down to New Bern, North Carolina last May to help with disaster recovery relief with an organization called All Hands and Hearts! This was my favorite because I have family that live there who are first responsders and personally impacted and I was able to help rebuild their community. Depending what phase of the cleanup the teams are on you are either gutting or rebuilding houses for local people impacted by natural disasters. If you can handle dormitory style housing, and a curfew this kind of volunteer work will change your life. Oh wait – AND you can choose a volunteer location all around the world! In a future trip I would like to go to the Caribbean or different parts of Mexico because you also have free time to explore! Below are my wonderful coworkers! You can find more information here

Finally, I volunteered at Loaves and Fishes in North Minneapolis. Loaves and Fishes is a no questions asked service that provides free meals to people across the state at many different locations. The North Minneapolis church that I volunteered at was New Bethel Baptist Church who estimate the feed 75 people every night Monday – Friday. This is a simple way to help those in need in your community and open your eyes to the world of food insecurity. Again, the value of this experience is immeasurable, and It is a great experience for families! Find more here:

I hope this has inspired you to find ways that you can help support causes you care about and make the world a better place!

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