Blog Post 3 – Paul Nettles

While the world continues to evolve around the COVID-19 Pandemic, the luxury of enjoying the good outdoors such as Parks, Lakes and Trails is slipping through our hands.

Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board announced the city’s athletic fields and playgrounds set to close by May 1.

This article talks about how they have decided to shut down all the Playgrounds, Skate-park, Basketball courts, Tennis Courts and athletic fields across Minneapolis. It says that they are doing what other major cities have done. Health experts recommended it and due to the lack of social distancing in these areas surrounding these amenities. It is the safest thing to do.

The picture above is a rim at Keewaydin Park in Minneapolis. The rims in all Minneapolis Parks have either been removed or covered to keep the public from using them. There was a lot of complaints of individuals using multiple amenities not “Social Distancing”. Sadly, I was at this Park on Monday where I saw a man with his son utilizing this public space. I believe individuals from the same household should not have this option taken from them. I also witnessed a Grandmother and Grandfather out playing soccer with their grandkids. Those fields are now closed until further notice. I completely disagree with this decision that have been made. I think those areas can be used responsibly. It sucks that being “safe” has consequences. I hope that we can come up with a cure or vaccine soon, so I don’t have to wake up to these disappointed articles.

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