The color of coronavirus

As America has confirmed over 1 million confirmed coronavirus victims, 55 thousands Americans have died due to the virus, but when we look at the statistic, data reveals “deep inequities by race.” COVID-19 has had a major impact on the Black community where their has been a health disparity for years. The article gives the number of states confirming those who have contacted the virus and those who have died from the virus by race. The morality rate for black Americans compared to white Americans is 2.7 times higher but that number does climb depending on the area. Of the corona deaths, 28 percent of blacks have died compared to 11 percent of Latino and Asian and under 10 percent for whites. Based on these numbers you can see the disparity between minorities. Most blacks have pre-existing health concerns. Although the article makes it appear that the virus is more deadly among blacks, it does not give the ages of victims of color who have died nor does it exclaim other health issues of those who have died.

I was on social media when I came across a video of a black women who appeared to be in her late 30s. She explained how she had symptoms of the virus and was diagnosed that she was positive without actually being tested. There are other stories out there that proclaim that hospitals are labeling any unknown cause of death as a result of COVID-19. The issue with this is, we truly don’t know the real numbers. many statistics have been falsified. The article also says that data by races is only record for 3/4 of the deaths so how can they actually conclude that Black Americans suffer more without factoring in all the numbers?

We understand that for years, there has been health disparities in the black communities because of lack of resources. It is proven that blacks are more likely to wait longer in a waiting room at a hospital than whites. Black are also prescribed less medication for conditions than whites. We can see that even in 2020 that systematic racism still exist and those less fortune suffer in epidemics such as these.

Another article explains that other countries are reporting their COVID-19 fatalities differently than the U.S. In the U.S, if someone test positive with COVID-19, even if they die from something else, the death is counted as a result of the Coronavirus. This is why I question the first article that blacks are more likely to die from the virus. They are not discussing heart attack deaths, those who are dying of cancer or diabetes, all the focus is on the virus no one even mentions the flu anymore nor are there cases reported of patients having the flu. The main stream media has a way of promoting exactly what they want us to see and believe. When the pandemic first struck, it was rumors that black could not get inflected by the virus and now blacks are among the the most affected. It is said that in Virginia and St.Louis 100 percent of the coronavirus deaths were blacks. At this point you have to question what role the health care system plays in this. Here are the articles below.

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