Blog 5 – Adapting to America

My parents got married in Minnesota in 1995 and they put four of seven children through high school and almost through college. My mom worked two jobs her whole life the first, this factory job with my dad in the picture above and now at a daycare. She decided to be a stay at home mother and care for her seven children while my dad worked and we moved to Minneapolis in 2001. An expert at gaining new information and insight into the social norms of the different cultures my parents are exposed to and adapt to the behaviors of their host culture in the U.S that is the definition of acculturation. My mom understands our pop culture slang and I remember how shocked my sisters and I were when my mother used the phrase and I oop in the correct context. She listens to whatever music we play in the house and she likes One Direction and she likes Beyonce, etc. She was a huge Micheal Jackson fan back in Somalia and in San Diego.

I graduated in 2015, I have another sister who’s a year younger but I can’t find her graduation pictures. Above is my 21 year old sisters high school graduation from 2018.

My mom, dad, 19 year old brother (2019 high school graduate), his favorite teacher and my youngest brother (turning 7).

Above is my mom she is really proud of her first four who are on their way to completing bachelors degrees! It is a huge accomplishment because my grandfather was huge on education and he built a University back in Somalia.

Above is my father in his business casual attire, he loves posing for the camera.

Overall, I think my parent assimilated well in American culture they’ve been here since the 90’s and were young adults back then escaping from civil war in light of a new peaceful life. I still don’t know why they chose Minnesota but I am proud to be their daughter and make sure all their hard work does not go to waste. My whole life my father worked in the rental car service after leaving Wilmar and moving to Minneapolis, even now at age 60 he works as a driver for rental cars at the airport and always uses himself as an example of what not to do. He tells me he does not want me working manual labor and that I can have the American dream.

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