Blog post #2

I think that sometimes professors forget how hard it can be to be a student, especially right now with COVID-19. Dealing with school online like this in the middle of the school year. Sometimes it can feel like work is piling up and the mental capacity to do work is not possible.

In this article a teacher put himself in a student’s shoes and sat in on a tenth and twelfth graders classes for an entire day. He learned that teachers can be sarcastic sometimes when they have to repeat themselves and that students sit too much. He taught for fifteen years and only now was he put in a position to experience what his daughter goes through daily. It just goes to show even though someone was a student once times change and does the experience of being a student.

This teacher saw how hard it was to stay focused sitting in four long blocks and he was exhausted because as a teacher he moves all day and his students sit all day. He was surprised how his host students were so attentive and he felt empathy towards them. I think professors should be more empathetic towards their students during these tough times, especially college students who are adults and have to deal with external forces outside of school.

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