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COVID-19/Grocery Stores During this Coronavirus pandemic, many families have had to change their daily routines considering what food is available in a grocery store but also grocery stores to apply some sort of convenience toward their customers. The two links I will add in this blog post are talking about the connection between what is going on right now with COVID-19 and how grocery stores are maintaining themselves. Because of this crisis grocery stores have had to change their purpose during this time in order to stay open. They recently started allowing people with weaker immune systems to enter the grocery stores at an earlier time than most people considering everything is clean and a bit easier to maintain.

Many grocery stores throughout St.Paul have switched their convenience toward pick-up and delivery. They also added multiple rules to follow when attending the grocery stores such as staying the correct distance away from one another, sanitizing stations for after usage of a cart, and also overall selection going toward the fresh foods. Since this is happening right now and it’s hard to be sure when this will be over you’ll see more grocery stores start to create these rules in order to stay afloat.

Virus Outbreak , New York, United States - 16 Mar 2020


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