Blog Post #3 Contributing to critical public discourse: the analytic post

THE LAST DANCE – Chicago Bulls Documentary

In order for someone to critique something, they need to find something in the article, video, or website that they don’t agree with. For me, I chose this new Documentary called “The Last Dance”, going into detail about Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls during their prime years. Since the entire documentary has not aired and the public has only seen 4 episodes of the 10, it is hard to connect this film with today’s era. The reason I am critiquing this is solely based on the fact that they are heavily biased toward how the NBA was played during those years of 1985-1998. Obviously, the NBA has made a significant amount of changes to the game but I don’t agree with how aggressive the players were during those times. The referees were not there to call fouls on players, they were there to make sure no fights broke out and the games kept moving. I don’t agree with these times and they do a bad job at representing these issues in the first 4 episodes. If you haven’t seen it yet I recommend watching it to get a better understanding of how much different basketball was during their time compared to the NBA today. 8oAsxRVnTCDUYipCcMuxU6

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