Blog Post #4 Exercising your public voice: making a case for a position

National Basketball Association (NBA)

Blog Post 4- Exercising your public voice: making a case for a position 

Considering what is going on in the world right now, many sports have been delayed or rescheduled to a later date in order to finish what was started before COVID-19 happened. Because of this lack of air time for ESPN, they have resorted to playing old highlight games of football, basketball, and baseball games. During this time they are having the discussion of when they are going to pick up where they left off. Adam Silver is the commissioner of the NBA and has stated in multiple different interviews that the NBA might cancel the season and try and start another regular season without finishing the games that were supposed to be held during this year. In my opinion, I think that no matter how long COVID-19 keeps people isolated that once everything is done they need to return to the season that was happening and delay next season if applicable. 

Because of this issue teams have had to cancel their training centers making players go stir cray about what is ahead of the season. The reason I think it is wrong to cancel this season and start up on the next has to do with once everything is over the players that were on contracts with their teams may have to change teams due to contract negotiations. All in all, I think the best thing for the organization, athletes, and viewers is to keep pushing on finishing this season and look to delay the next season if this season doesn’t come to an end in time.

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