Blog Post 5- My whole Pregnancy and giving birth during COVID19!

Yes! thats right, I was pregnant and gave birth during COVID19. I had so many people asked me how was my pregnancy along with giving brith during the COVID19 lockdown. Well one word to describe it is “UNFORGETTABLE”. Here’s how my first pregnancy went:

During the summer of 2019, I was so pleased to find out that me and my husband was expecting a little one. The feeling of knowing I was going to be a mother was indescribably amazing. I had many thoughts going through my mind and I just wished the 9th month was here already.

First trimester:

Not long after I found out I was pregnant, I started having morning sickness or should I say ALL DAY sickness. It was so bad, I couldn’t eat, sleep or go to work and because I couldn’t eat I lost 12 pound within the first 2 week of being pregnant. I know! it was crazy. I had to go on FMLA at work because I could not get up and walk because my leg would feel like they were gonna fall off. Everything I sit, my bum hurt and when I lay down, my body didn’t want to get up. During this time, I had so many thoughts going through my head especially thinking if I can go through this again if I had another kid. I remember crying to my husband about this as I felted so emotional.

Second Trimester:

The second trimester came along and my sickness got better. I notice I was able to get up and do light things around the house. My appetite came back but not entirely, I still did not want to eat everything and anything. As days goes by, I notice I was getting more and more energy and then my craving started. Everyday I wanted bread and cake and so I would always have my husband pick those up after work. My weight started climbing again but it was a healthy weight gain per my doctor. In summation for my second trimester, it was the best time out of my whole pregnancy.

Third Trimester:

Third trimester came and I felt like I was going back to first trimester however I was just exhausted and thankfully did not have ALL DAY sickness again. As you can image, during this time, my belly was of course big and could barely do anything anymore. I just wanted to the baby out as I was super uncomfortable and could not sleep. My back was aching 24/7 and headache came on and off. I did everything I could to help induce labor hoping my little angel will come on time. My due date was March 24th and that week came by and yet baby did not want to come so I went in to see my OB for my 40th week visit. My doctor advised the options I have which is inducement or we can wait till 42 week and see if baby want to come by then.

Due to COVID19 and so many rumors about significant other not being able to be in the room, me and husband was having a hard time debating if I wanted to be induce or wait another two week. As crazy as everything was happening in the world, it seem like our little angel heard our concern and decided to make her entrance the day after her due date, March 25th.

Hospital birth:

Now, this is the interesting part that so many people have been asking me about. Giving birth during this pandemic was tough because first off my husband was not allowed to go with me to my last couple of OB visits which we were okay with. However, when it came to the hospital, there were so many rules. Some of the thing I can remember was I could only have one person with me in the labor room and if that person leave the hospital, they cannot come back in. Meaning, even if they went outside for a smoke or to the car, they cannot enter the hospital again. Patients and visitor were not allow to walk in the hallway or wonder anywhere inside the hospital. They also did not allow people to drop off food for patients and you must only order food from the hospital cafeteria.


As crazy as it was to be pregnant and give birth during this world crisis, me and my husband are happy to have our little angel arrived in healthy conditions and praying it stay that way. I wish everyone to be safe and healthy during this pandemic.

Here is link to Saint Paul Hospital Rules:

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