Blog post 6: COVID-19

Above is a video I took on April 24th of the line of cars backed up and ready to receive food at the Conway Community center from The Sanneh Foundation

COVD-19 really changed how the world operates, you can’t walk into the bank whenever you want anymore now you have to wait in a long line of vehicles if they have the drive thru option. Restaurants who don’t have drive thru’s are suffering and closed, if they are non essential and the governors stay at home policy is extended to May 18th because people are not quarantining correctly. I lost my license a month ago and have not been able to go to the DMV because most government run offices are closed. Luckily I found it while cleaning my room however I did call and ask the dmv last month what to do and they said until the stay at home order is lifted because the DMV is impacted. My room mate was not able to get her background check done for her new job and was hired anyways with the check postponed. I don’t have the same energy I did months ago for school or work. It’s like my brain shuts off for most of the day and turns back on at night. As I am writing this I have not slept for 24 hours due to being behind on school work. I don’t think I have ever been this behind on school work in my life. Also it is Ramadan and I have to stay away from my family since I moved away. It is usually such a joyous and family oriented tradition to make food together, watch the kids, nap, etc and now I am not working so I have time for my family but safety wise I stay home and face time my family. These are the negatives to this pandemic.

Sat in the sun after presenting in class today

I am currently unemployed and I am able to focus on school work and yet I am still behind, these are tough times for people physically and mentally. Here are some positives to living a world digitally. Traffic is positives, I moved to Burnsville in the beginning of March and commuted to work until I was laid off in April, the commute ever since everyone went into quarantine has been lovely. It usually takes me 35 minutes from Burnsville to North East Minneapolis, in April it took me 15 minutes. I saved a lot of money because I don’t go out to eat anymore or shop. I take a walk everyday with my room mate and cat and I have rested a lot and caught up on a lot of reading and shows I did not have time for during the three week spring break.

Cheap gas and not being able to go anywhere.

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