Fake Fake News

The term “fake news” was popularized in 2016 during the presidential election due to many articles that had clear biases to several candidates. Since then, Fake News has been used by many people in pop culture.It is used as an attack to discredit sketchy sources.Also, the term can be used to slander someone who brings up information that discredits the person using the term. The reason this term has become toxic is due to the pandemic at hand. People are at home all day during the quarantine and watch the news constantly. There have been public figures that have lied about statistics concerning COVID-19, mainly the number of those infected and deceased because of the virus. With it being harder to trust those in power, trustworthy media is harder to assess. 

The article I picked was “ No, The CDC Did Not Revise Down The Number Of COVID-19 Deaths” by Brianna Sacks of Buzzfeed. This article was posted at 3:51 PM ET of May 2nd. The article basically states that the CDC had posted that the total deaths related to COVID-19 were 37,308 on Friday, MAy 1st. However, as of May 2nd, the total number of deaths reported by the CDC are more than 64,000 (Sack 2020). The main reason this number went up was because the table that was in the refenced tweet by Tim Young only accounted for Feb. 1st to April 25th.  The new number not only was the most recent and comprehensive but also accounted for the autopsy results that found COVID-19 as the reason for the death. Jumping to conclusions like this can be detrimental to the public especially when the public is anxious to return to their normal lives.

Article here: https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/briannasacks/coronavirus-death-toll-cdc-misinformation?origin=shp

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