Maintaining Your Mental Health Through a Pandemic.

In the wake of COVID-19, much of the population is still adjusting to the completely different lifestyle that is required to slow the spread of the virus. Perhaps at one time the thought of being at home with nothing to do was one of strong appeal, but as the country is approaching the two month mark of quarantine, that feeling has dissipated.

Those who had already been suffering with a mental illness are some of the people being most affected through the stay-at-home order. With a lack of tasks that need to be completed, a person can quickly feel unproductive and begin, or continue, to spiral into a sort of depression. The loss of income and the uncertainty of the future for many creates an easy path to anxiety-related issues.

In the interest of maintaining mental health, and the importance of it, we must find a healthy way to deal with all that we are feeling. It is crucial that we find a way to become productive during these times, no matter the significance of the task. The Canadian Mental Health Association provided an article displaying ways in which we can aid in the healing of our minds.

Benefits of Good Mental Health – Canadian Mental Health Association

As a brief rundown of the subjects covered:

  • Get Physical
  • Eat Right
  • Take Control of Stress

All of which play a large role in the state of your mental health.

Another resource that I came across while browsing the subject is an article on meditation done by the Black Dog Institute. Within the article there is plenty of information to give an understanding of meditation and what it does for your brain. For the topics covered, the article includes information such as:

  • Physiological effects of meditation
  • What happens to the brain during meditation?
  • Why should you try it?

It is easy to feel worn out after doing a whole lot of nothing, but there are decisions a person can make to solidify the well-being of their mental health. “Your mental illness is not your fault, but it is your responsibility.” – Marcus Parks

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