The Importance of Protecting Our Wild Country

As our world is exponentially being formed into a concrete playground, the future of the wild is truly becoming one of question. Public land ranges from east to west and from massive national parks all the way down to the little nature preserve in your backyard. Whether it be the snow-capped mountains of the Rockies or the sawgrass wetlands of the southeast, the beauty that is held in these areas takes the breath of millions of visitors year-in and year-out.

It may be simple to take the land for what it is and believe that places like Yellowstone and the Everglades will stand the test of time, but that is all too far from the truth. There is a constant battle between economics and preservation, one in which the outcome creates ruins of what once was sacred. Millions of acres of land that is owned by the public, our land, is being sold off to energy companies in the hopes of extracting the valuable resources that lay beneath. In the midst of a pandemic, the Trump administration is acting quickly to open thousands of acres of land in the western US for drilling and mining operations. A Guardian article explains the specifics of the operation and can be found here.

Among the land that is being threatened is a 150,000 acre chunk just a mile away from the Canyonlands National Park in southern Utah. Environmentalists are questioning the action of the administration, the “planet drowns in oil” which is seen to be true with current oil prices.

The importance of our wild country is far beyond words, it has to be seen and experienced. If we want to have that option for ourselves and for our children, we have to realize the beauty that lies within the land and actively voice for the continued preservation of it all.

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