Understanding Hunters and Their Contribution to Conservation

The hunting community often receives a lot of flak from the population due to the fact that it has been slowly becoming a controversial topic over the last century. As studies have begun to emerge regarding the benefits of a plant-based diet and animal cruelty, the anti-hunting community has been largely vocal in expressing the problems they find with hunters around the globe.

To offer an attempt to show just how much complexity is involved in the issue, here are some statistics regarding the role that sportsmen and women play in conservation:

  • With the purchase of a federal duck stamp, a necessity if one aims to hunt ducks in the US, ninety-eight cents of each dollar spent on the license go directly to funding programs that preserve and produce vital habitat for waterfowl in the country. To add perspective, the cost of a federal duck stamp is $25, meaning $24.50 goes directly into habitat conservation.
  • State-sold licenses account for roughly 75% of a state’s fish & wildlife budget.
  • Through taxes on equipment related to hunting and fishing (Firearms & ammunition, angling & archery equipment, for example) sportsmen and women have contributed over $20 billion to habitat conservation since 1937.

Much of the reason that great wildlife habitat still exists in the United States is due to the men and women hunters and anglers who respect and contribute to the lives of our animal population.

“In a civilized and cultivated country, wild animals only continue to exist at all when preserved by sportsmen.” – Theodore Roosevelt

Statistics found on the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service website.

1 thought on “Understanding Hunters and Their Contribution to Conservation

  1. This was a great post that took a comprehensive look on a controversial topic. When I was younger, I thought that hunting was just unnecessary and morbid. However, as I found out more about it, I learned that the hunters have limits on how many animals they can call and that their money goes towards conservation. While I could never see myself in tree camo, no pun intended, I do respect hunters’ more.

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