Jesus, american politics, and my heavy heart.

As a christian today it is difficult for me it is sometimes difficult for me to bear seeing the way many Christians represent Jesus. Jesus a man whose actions could be described as non materialistic, advocating for the oppressed and the dregs of society, and open and accepting of anyone. Today Christians are often seen as social conservatives who protect the economy, defend the status quo, and judgey or exclusionist in either their social stances or views on immigration.

I cant help but wonder sometimes, do these people who say they are Christians let their religious leader inform their political beliefs at all? Jesus opposed many practices that oppressed the poor, advocated for paying taxes, put people, relationships, and god first and all materials and money last. If helping the poor was supporting the economy surly there would be a lesson for it there, we would quote the parable about the land owner who saved his tenants with the market, but there is no such verse.

It seems clear to me that Jesus is either not informing Christians beliefs about politics or he has been so distorted that he has been made to stand for the opposite of what he spoke about. Distorting Jesus is inevitable, There will always be people that misunderstand him or people that will make him say what they want or need him to say rather than listen to what he intended. This is a known issue and there is a lot of writing on. But what I dont see alot of writing on is how many Christians seem to know Jesus stood for the weak, challenged the status quo, and asked people to give up there materialistic lifestyles and adopt a more communal lifestyle but dont let him touch their sense of politics. If your ideas of religion and politics are different and politics seems to dominate your values are you really a Christian or just an american? I myself love my faith and I love Jesus I also love my brothers and sisters in Christ but too often I feel the strain between all the variables and I dont understand how we got here.

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