Snacky Snacks

When Covid-19 hit our nation and panic started to rise, I was at my worst. I went from fear to anxiety to sleepless nights to germaphobia mood in a span of few days. I am a mom of two toddlers and a wife of a healthcare professional. My husband is an essential worker and had to go to work so I wanted to make sure that we have what we needed at home and that was worrisome as stores were nearly emptied out by “panic shoppers”.

As the weeks progressed and the hoarding days began, I judged the hoarders but then I turned around and “panic-bought” as much non-perishable items as I could find (mainly snacks) and felt somewhat better that at least, I had a full pantry.

Well, as the days went by, it felt as if the snacks were calling my name all the way from the kitchen. I did not disappoint! I said yes to “the call” and was there to enjoy my visits in “snackville” not once but multiple times. Throughout the day, I would visit “snackville”/ my kitchen in the name of “getting something to drink” or “cleaning up a mess” or “cooking” though I performed those too. Before I knew it, I became a kitchen addict.

However, the trouble came when I tried to run up and down the stairs and play with my energy loaded toddlers. That’s when I realized that the “snacks” were like weapons of body destruction and this new habit needed to stop.

Dr. Donald Hensrud, a medical director of Mayo Clinic’s Healthy Living Program said, “People’s habits have changed quiet a bit since we’re spending more time at home”.

I needed to do something about it and waged war against the snacks and decided to social distance myself from the kitchen. I realized that Covid-19 came and it will all be over, but the pounds would not. Once I came to the realization that I don’t have to eat everything, I made the decision to drink plenty of water for hydration which would also carve my appetite, to regularly move around if not exercise, and better yet to practice self-control.

How did Covid-19 affect your eating habits?

1 thought on “Snacky Snacks

  1. The struggle is so real!! I’m doing better now, but in the beginning I was eating like a pac-man.

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