Conspiracy theories; the great equalizer.

I was comforted to know that I wasn’t the only one who believed conspiracy theories to be true. Let me clarify that a little. I like to think of myself as open minded and with that open mindedness comes my belief that just about anything is possible. Do I believe in ufo’s; yes. Do I believe that fluoride is bad for you and shouldn’t be in our water supply; yes. Do I believe that the earth is flat; no. I’d like to think I have some common sense and can’t be fooled into thinking the absurd is true, but the truth is I am no different than anyone else. In fact, “No single demographic is most prone to conspiracy theories. “I’ve seen plenty of representation from white, Black, Asian, Hispanic, and Indigenous people,” one Redditor, ihatedogs2, told me. “Plenty of women, LGBTQ+ people, and people with all kinds of careers. Many different countries, too. In terms of political leanings there is also a great variety, with liberals, conservatives, socialists, libertarians, communists, fascists, and more.”

In the article How to talk to conspiracy theorists and still be kind Tanya Basu shares with us 10 different steps on how to figure out if confronting a conspiracy theorist is even worth it. Some of the things to factor in are: is this a family member and if so how important is the relationship? Can you let this subject slide and step around it in order to keep the peace? Another part she talks about is being kind about it. When you read someone write something on social media or share a meme and you think to yourself that is a complete crock! I can’t believe he/she/they would share that! Sometimes you want to comment on it and dispute it or bring facts to the ‘fight’ so to speak. But if you really care about the person and the friendship/relationship kindness has to play a part. Talking to that person privately or ‘off line’ is key in order to save face.

You also have to realize that some people don’t want to change their minds about some of the things they believe. For me personally no matter how many times my dentist tells me about fluoride treatments for sensitivity I’m not hearing it. I’ve made decision on that and I’m comfortable with the truth, as I see it.

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