Are Vitamins Really Beneficial ?

Although there has not been much scientific studies or evidence that taking vitamins are in fact beneficial or work for that matter , I personally feel that they do. For about a two years now I have been searching for the right vitamins which works in my favor. Thats when I can across the Nature’s Bounty Hair, Skin & Nails vitamin gummies. First of I would like to say that I was very, very, very (emphasis on the Very) skeptical about these gummies. I had gotten two bottles from an old job that I worked, after we hosted an event which we were able to then take what was left over from that event. I read about this product and was just like “YEA RIGHT! OK WHATEVER” and in the trash they went! But then a close friend of mine from high school ( who’s opinion I trust) told me that she has been taking them fo quite a while now (Then) and that she loves them because they do exactly what the company says they do. And that’s grow your hair, nails and keep your skin looking good. But in her case, it really made her nails grow longer and stronger.

So after hearing what she has to say about the product, I then did more research, specifically video reviews before going to purchase a bottle. Once I stared to take the vitamins, without even realizing, my nails were growing and not breaking off like they usually do! (Not even kidding) my skin seemed clearer and glowed more ( I also have a skin care routine so that was probably it). But you want know what else ? My hair grew longer. Now my hair isn’t insanely short but I am natural (meaning I don’t put any heat or chemicals in my hair that may cause damage) and I do a lot of protective styles like braids, hair extensions, wigs (so that my natural hair is protected and doesn’t sheed, fall or break off and stays healthy.) Now whenever I would take down those styles, each time I noticed how much longer my hair has grown. And it clicked to me that it was the vitamins I was taking! As far as the One A Days that you see in the photo, I just started them and hope they do exactly what the company says the do so I to can advocate for them.

Are There Any Real Benefits to Vitamis?

According to researchers at evidence shows that No, there are no real benefits to taking daily vitamins because all the minerals and nutrient you need can be found in eating a healthy well balanced diet such as Fruits, Vegetables, Whole grain, and Low fat dairy products. Researches also go on to say pregnant women are an exception to taking folic acid supplements because ” Folic acid prevents neural tube defects in babies when women take it before and during early pregnancy thats why multivitamins are recommended for younger women.” (Appel)

Multivitamins and Health Benefits

There are mixed feeling when it comes to rather or not taking vitamins can really help prevent heart diseases, (The One A Day multivitamins I have states on it label that it does not prevent heart disease) heart attacks, strokes, cancer or even early deaths. On the bright side, the studies do show that women who do take multivitamins have a 35% lower chance of dying from heart disease. Multivitamins as well can be beneficial for older adults, helping improve memory, brain function and eye health

Knowing you vitamins A,B,C, E,D, K and the Proper dosage

Although researchers say there are no real use or befits in taking vitamins, I like to think that there are, otherwise they wouldn’t have made them and people like myself wouldn’t advocate for them (the good vitamins that actually works). And yes it may not help you live longer or help with heart disease but you still need your important vitamin intake such as vitamin D (especially if you live in a place where you get sunless days and cold winters) vitamin C and others. Its also important to do your research on the vitamins of your choosing as well as READING THE LABLE OF THE SUPPLEMENT FACTS! so you are not over dosing. To know more about the proper vitamin intake and the good and bad vitamins you should and should not take to much of, go to .

3 thoughts on “Are Vitamins Really Beneficial ?

  1. Dija, this is amazing!! I also love love love taking vitamins, in fact, I see it as self care. I have also take that same brand from nails, hair, and skin have found it beneficial. My nails definitely feel stronger and my hair has grown longer! Also, have you tried vegan skin/hair care products? I HIGHLY RECOMMEND MONAT. if you are interested or have any questions feel free to contact me:)

  2. What a great post Dija! I take multivitamins and in the winter I take extra vitamin D because of the lack of sunlight in Minnesota. Who know for sure if it helps but I think at worst case – our minds are so powerful that if taking a pill every morning makes me feel healthier my mind will believe it and maybe I will be?

    1. Yes I agree with that. Our minds really does make us believe that taking the vitamins makes us feel healthier !

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