Are There Benefits to Drinking When in Moderation?

According to the CDC, moderate alcohol consumption is defined as having up to 1 drink per day for women and up to 2 drinks per day for men.

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Ever since prohibition in 1920, drinking has been a controversial topic. On 2018, an article claimed, “A New Study Says There’s No Amount of Healthy Drinking”. On the article, they believe drinking can have some benefits, but those loose their value when compared to the health consequences. To further explain their argument, they provide examples of the risks of alcohol consumption such as vehicle accidents, addictions, breast cancer, premature birth, and tuberculosis.

All the reasons the author of the article provides are valid. However, I do believe healthy adults could benefit from drinking in moderation. According to the Mayo Clinic, moderate alcohol consumption could reduce your risk of developing and dying of heart disease as well as diabetes.

My health coach gave me a list of 10 health benefits of drinking red wine. Red wine has a massive amount of antioxidants, helps lower bad cholesterol, keeps your heart healthy, regulates blood sugar, reduces the risk of cancer, helps treat common cold, keeps memory sharp, keeps you slim, reduces the risk of depression, helps with digestion.

In my opinion, the author of the article I mentioned at the beginning is bias. The article barely mentions the health benefits of drinking when in moderation. Yes, alcohol can produce health complications and even put a person in a life-threatening situation. Nevertheless, it is absurd to say “there is no amount of healthy drinking” because there is.

The key is to drink responsibly!

Check out my Guilt-Free Guide to Wine (when consumed in moderation).

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3 thoughts on “Are There Benefits to Drinking When in Moderation?

  1. I enjoy drinking and I ENJOY drinking wine especially! I do know and have heard about the benefits of consuming red wine but I just find it so hard to come across a red wine that its my tastes buds, I hate the bitterness of red and have given up hope in finding a good red that I’ll enjoy so I just stick to whit. Also its theres some benefits to drinking then COUNT ME IN BABY!!! Hahaha
    Thanks for the post.

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