End SARS in Lagos Nigeria

A protester poses with a banner reading “End SARS” at the Lekki Toll Plaza in Lagos, Nigeria, on Oct. 18. Nelly Ating for Foreign Policy


If you are unfamiliar with SARS it stands for Special Anti Robbery Squad. This is a Nigerian police squad that has been known for their corruption and brutality on the civilans of Lagos, Nigeria. There have been recent protests due to the harassment and brutality of these police force. They do things such as harass, extort , attack and profile young men who dress well and drive nice cars because they believe they are in gangs or are scammers. They also forcefully take the money of the people of Lagos as well as rape women of all ages and kill innocent people on the street including those who are protesters. And what does the government do? NOTHING! They sit back and watch as the crime continues to unfold. Maybe because they to are corrupted.

I am Nigerian, born and partially raised there, and although I’ve been in Sates since I was five years old that is still my home. My mom, grandmother, unties, cousins, uncles are still living in Nigeria; so this bring fear and pain to my heart to know that this madness is going on around them. It also makes my mind go crazy because here I am in the U.S watching police officers kill young innocent black males and protest fighting for justice as well as watching building get set on fire for justice! And here it is the same exact bullshit happing in my home land all the way across the fucking world! Its insane and its nerve-racking !


From my understanding according to https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/africa/endsars-nigeria-police-brutality-sars-lekki-protest/2020/10/22/27e31e0c-143d-11eb-a258-614acf2b906d_story.html SARS or the hashtag #ENDSARS has been going on since 2017 and has just recently surfaced in the U.S after getting more attention from both Nigerian and American celebrities. Not just them but Democratic nominee Joe Biden spoke on the issue as well stating “The United States must stand with Nigerians who are peacefully demonstrating for police reform and seeking an end seeking to end corruption in their democracy” (Paquette).


When will it end? Not just SARS but police brutality in general? When you are trained in the police force you are trained to detain the threat, you are trained to not let the threat get back up, you are trained to KILL! Although I hate to say this and bring race into the issue but you are trained to kill a black person. Black people are trained to kill their own kind. Once you are Blue you pretty much have to choose, and that’s what the people of SARS have done. Furthermore, the police abuse their power. They get trigger happy or “panic. When will it end? I know not all police are dirty or bad, it the same way not all white are racist and not all blacks are thugs and are in gangs. BUT the system is dirty! The system was never designed to the black community to succeed or strive or prosper! It turns us against each other, it turns the outside world against us!

We have come a long way with the many people who have fought to change the injustice for the black community, and we still have more fighting to do for the black community so that history does not repeat itself. We can all be that change that is needed. By speaking up, doing research, listing, understanding, being empathetic, not being stereotyped the list goes on. Help #ENDSARS help #ENDPOLICEBRUTALITY speak up and speak out!

1 thought on “End SARS in Lagos Nigeria

  1. First, I would like to mentioned that you did a phenomenal job with this blog post. I was planning on writing about the EndSars event that was happening in Nigerian. However, you beat me to it. I’m still glad that you were able to spread words about what was happening. I like how you personalized the blog by incorporating yourself into the blog

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