Ending Relationships Over Political Opinions?

In this article, the author states that it’s not okay to end friendships over political views. That at the end of the day family, neighbors and friends need to get along and politics shouldn’t get in the way of it. She goes on to bring up an example of Don Lemon and how he views people with opposing views on politics. Reading this article made me very confused. Why would I want to be friends with someone that supports someone that wants to take my rights away along with millions of other people.

It’s one thing to have a different opinion, but when that involves supporting a person that is a rapist, homophobe, racist and more than that is just not a valid excuse. I think that people that support Trump forget that by doing so they are saying that they don’t care about their friends or relatives that will lose things or genuinely fear for their lives if he was to be in power again. People had so much riding on the line in this election and it’s a very priviliged thing to say that you can just look past a political point of view.

It’s proving that you’re so privileged that you don’t have to worry about policies that Trump would’ve enacted. This doesn’t make any type of sense to me because the people you surround yourself around should care and want the best for you, not want you to live your life in fear and worry.

This is why I feel so strongly that people have every right to remove others over political opinions. Someone that has said all Mexicans are criminals and rapists, made fun of people with disabilities, made a muslim ban and that is only listing a few of the hundred of terrible things that he has done. He represents hatred and division and if you don’t agree with that then it is totally valid to remove anyone from your life that supports that way of thinking. Don’t feel bad for having to make those decisions, sometimes family and friends just won’t get it and are toxic for you. You’re better off removing them from your life if you feel like this would be better for your mental health.

1 thought on “Ending Relationships Over Political Opinions?

  1. It is important to vote!
    Before I transitioned to Metrostate, I was a student at North Hennepin Community College and I was in student senate. I got the opportunity to work on a get out the vote campaign and it is mind-blowing how many people don’t vote because they truly believe “their vote doesn’t make a difference”.

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