Illegal Tampering of Diesel Trucks

Provided by The New York Times

This article is about the many of Diesel Pickup truck owners who are illegally disabling their vehicles’ emissions control technology, which is allowing an excess of emissions into the atmosphere. A federal report states that over the past decade excess emissions equivalent to 9 million extra trucks on the road has been exposed into polluted into the air as of a result.

The disabling of the excess emissions is illegal on a federal level, so all of the owners that participate in making this adjustment know that what they are doing is illegal. In this article, they are refusing to put the blame on the small companies entirely who are manufacturing the illegal devices. However, if the small companies were not manufacturing the devices and selling them illegally under the table. Diesel pickup truck drivers would not have access to the device needed unless the manufactured it themselves. If the crackdown on these small companies was more direct, the manufacturing of these devices would slow down. It would also be easier to trace were the devices are being distributed from.

Understanding how detrimental these emissions are to the pollution of our climate and the negative affects it has on peoples health. The author should’ve stressed more of an importance on why this issue needs to be addressed health wise especially. If I was the author I would have shared additional facts, including numbers from studies acknowledging the harm we are facing with the growing number of gas emissions being released into the atmosphere. Even though gas emissions come from multiple sources other than just vehicles, if we were able to reduce the happening of diesel pickup truck owners tampering with their emissions technology control, that could help reduce our pollution problem by a small percentage. I would have also found a way to interview a few owners who have disabled their technology since it seems as though authorities are not really going after them at this point. Having a conversation with them to see if they understand the amount of harm they are causing to our climate and peoples health, with pollution. They may support an initiative to end the disabling of their emissions system once being educated on the effects.

1 thought on “Illegal Tampering of Diesel Trucks

  1. I enjoyed reading your post! I love that you are backing up your info with The New York Times.
    Is this illegal everywhere or just in the United States?

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