Blog Post 1: Bloggers as Intelligent and Influencers

Blogs are written by bloggers and targets a certain type of audience looking to pass their message along, particularly communicating creative and/or content-centric messages. For example, in a company perspective, blogs should be informal, unstructured communication tool that looks to engage the current and future clients and community-wide members. I understand that blogs are used to maintain and start relationships, and update the audience. As a blogger, I do believe that I am more of a freelance artist and for my audience – classmates and instructor; I am tasked to give a specific audience a close-up look into a particular audience. With such an audience, my image as a blogger is shaped through the continuous interaction between the audience and other bloggers. The public represented is diverse and there are a lot of topics to engage with them, such as politics, culture or/and education-related. Such an audience is ready to explore a wide variety of topics in broad-spectrum to develop knowledge concerning various societal elements. Classmates and the instructor can make effective public when they engage in through discussions and exchange to further explore the topic at hand.

The link provided is outlined below:

The link addresses the need for blogging. It encourages students to consider blogging because of its beneficial nature, such as building confidence, creativity and improve communication skills.

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