Are our kid becoming addicted to video games?

Are our kids spending way too much time on video games? Has this become the new normal? These days that all kids talk about and do. The World Health Organization declared that compulsively playing video games has become an all time high and is considered as a mental health disorder. Its proper name is called “gaming disorder”. Its becoming a new wave that kids are just getting hooked on. Kids who have become really addicted too it are spending all there free time and even times when there not free playing video games. That also get withdrawn afterwards if they lack on not playing the game for a little bit. But the real question is? Why are our children so addicted too this? “Game creators work hard to hook players to their games. They use predictive algorithms and principles of behavioral economics to make the gamer binge”. Its so scary too think about when you read this because there starting this at a young age. A kids mind is developing every day and as time goes by they can also be destructive because of this and see what the games are doing and think its okay in real life. 

I can relate too this a lot. I have a little brother. He’s eleven years old and addicted too video games. Any game out there he has it and plays it. It was already an issue before the pandemic but ever since the pandemic has started its been through constant playing the game can be very hard on us when we tell him too stop even disciplining kids now is an issue because he’s constantly wanting too do it

1 thought on “Are our kid becoming addicted to video games?

  1. What makes video game addiction more worrying is how easy it is to access. Even if you don’t buy a video game console for a child, they can still get their share through app stores or the internet.

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