Gen Z You Can’t Cancel Eminem

Cancel culture is the “thing” right now I’m actually ok with that because to me it’s a form of natural consequences that are necessary in our changing and ever more inclusive society. I also think that language or even imagery that maybe inappropriate in most settings isn’t inappropriate in others like within the arts. Eminem isn’t only a rap artist he is a lyricist. He employs incredible skill in the way in which he utilizes language within his works.

“I won’t stop even when my hair turns grey (I’m tone-deaf) / ‘Cause they won’t stop until they cancel me” – Eminem “Tone Deaf”

“Tone Deaf” by Eminem

The utilization of irony within this new song Em just released is frankly so extremely obvious as Eminem is clearly not tone deaf. He has become an expert at utilizing the public discourse and highlighting what’s most controversial at the time. This is how Eminem has built his brand. Haters have always driven Em to greater creativity and expended his fan base.

So if you must continue your effort to cancel Em but it will result as wasted energy and an expanded net worth to Marshal Mathers empire.

2 thoughts on “Gen Z You Can’t Cancel Eminem

  1. I think the idea of Gen Z vs. Millennial that has taken the internet by storm recently is so interesting. I am definitely a millennial, but I’m also really close to my sister who is a part of Gen Z, so it’s always funny to have conversations with her about all the debates that keep coming up between the two generations. I think Gen Z has done a really good job of calling out the behaviors of some artists, but I agree that it’s not always warranted.

  2. I will be the first to admit that there is certain language I prefer not to hear in my music on a regular basis, such as the language in the song you’ve attached to your blog. In those cases, I may turn the channel so I don’t have to listen to it.

    However, I agree with you, sometimes what seems inappropriate language or imagery paints a clear picture in your mind of what the song is about. The song that was controversial and led up to the song you attached was Eminem’s, Love the Way You Love Me”. I remember the first couple times I heard the song, it was so powerful and disturbing, and at first I felt like the Gen Z’s – how could a man write this song about abuse and make it sound like he is approving it.

    But Gen Z’s and other’s like me, have to take it a step further and really question what the song is about, which is what I did after hearing it a couple of times. He is an amazingly talented writer, who as you mention, uses irony to get his point across. In his song, Love the Way You Love Me, he is not condoning abuse. He’s showing how unfortunately in many abusive relationships, people will put up with abuse that they shouldn’t; he is showing the cycle of abuse many people face and have difficulty getting out of; and he is showing the warped way of thinking that abusers view the situation “I love you so much, that if I can’t have you, no one can.” He is showing with irony the extreme abuse and disfunction this relationship holds.

    Sure there are other ways he could have shown that abuse is not acceptable, but part of being the artist he is, is using his lyrics and irony to show his feelings about an issue.

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