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Why The Cannabis Industry Is About More Than Getting High.

Quinton Miller, Metropolitan State Universtity, Public Relations Major, April 19th, 2021, Post #4 type #4

Cannabis derived products cannot be marketed or operated by current means because its illegal; however, the market still exists as around the 33 states that have medical marijuana legalized. This opens the job market to advertising, marketing and public relations related work for the industry. The problem is that although more than 15 states have legalized recreational cannabis, it is still illegal at the federal level. In addition, there is the conversation surrounding the variety of hemp based products effectiveness.

The Cannabiz Team notes in their Instagram page that, “With 321,000 full-time cannabis employees (as of January 2021)- the cannabis industry has no signs of slowing down. The US cannabis industry has averaged a 27.5% growth since 2017.”

Medical cannabis surveys cannot be legally approved by the National Institute of Health unless they are anonymously done, which bypasses the need for the organizations approval. The only problem with not receiving approval from the NIH is the lack of credibility. This could greatly impact cannabis stocks as well as demand for professionals who specialize in press releases. Furthermore, Cannabiz Media begun utilizing other avenues that had been traditionally used in getting the word out. Magazines and trade shows are popular marketing methods being used to promote business and their endeavors. These methods are almost as old as I. Social media’s like Google AdWords, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter have banned these ads for now, although pages may still exist. Practitioners are required to be mindful of these types of things going into this section of the corporate setting.

Practitioners work together to discuss the future of views sought after to express their companies identity.

I have studied the direction of marijuana, social media, technology and stocks during my senior year of high school. I had more time on my hands and it was a popolar topic at my school that no one was really knowledgeable of. I did presentations for my public speaking class. This led up to my enrollment to Metropolitan State University. I believe it is an emerging marketplace that is exclusive and therefore bound to become even more global. I have invested funds, thousands of dollars, and won in the stock market trading during its volatility. I see its potential. Once government agencies figure out how to gain tax revenue us each state consistently it will give way a sustainable market. Think of it like the prohibition era. Cannabis will be another example of alcohol or cigarette prohibition scenario except that it has popularized healing effects. It’s negative stigma is coming to a close and fading slowly through public relations and social awareness. Hemp products are becoming widely seen in local retailers such as Walmart, Walgreens, and CVS pharmacies. I see this as a potential career goal for myself because of the enjoyment I gain from trumping those who don’t see its potential. New York governor Andrew Como recently legalized Recreational Cannabis for the big apple. New York pledges to gear some of that money towards ethnic community’s funds.

Check out this post from the @CannabizTeam on Instagram:

Medically, cosmetically, economically and socially this cash crop has traction. This will not only subside Americans of the social systematic racist dogma, but also create opportunities for those who have been incarcerated for charges like possession for nonviolent offenders. This is a win win situation for American culture and economy.

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