ADHD and Online Learning

I recently was looking up some information about online learning since I was interested in writing a blog post for it. I came across this article by University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences and started thinking about the benefits they listed such as:

1. You don’t need to relocate

2. It’s easier to achieve optimal school-life balance

3. It helps you develop and stick to healthy habits

4. You have more time to do the things you love

5. Online learning makes it possible to keep your job

6. You can create your own office

7. It’s easier to concentrate and participate

8. You can boost your time management skills

Although these definitely seem like great benefits I thought about how for someone like me who has ADHD, that it may be difficult to experience any of these benefits. Although I have adapted to online learning, I needed a lot of resources to make it possible and less stressful. These thoughts I had about the connection between online learning and ADHD led me to find an article by Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (CHADD) about this exact topic.

I think that a lot of us can agree that online learning isn’t the most ideal choice in most cases, but it creates an even greater challenge for students who live with ADHD. In the article they discuss how it is more difficult to concentrate and easier to fall off of a schedule. It can also lead to students being less likely to communicate regularly with classmates and teachers. For a student with ADHD these things can be quite detrimental to their learning, relationship with classmates, grades, and their self-esteem.

Overall I believe that online learning can provide some great advantages to most people and some people with ADHD may even be more suited to online learning. However, it might be difficult for many students with ADHD to find a better work-life balance and schedule like the first articles suggests. Especially since many students have already struggled to adapt to in person learning through their lives, suddenly being taught online can cause a lot of distress.

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