No more masks?

As more people are taking the covid vaccines, the rates of people catching covid are going low we went from 10000 people dying a day to 50 people dying a day in Minnesota which is very good to hear. Just yesterday CDC came out with new guidelines on when to wear your mask now. The “CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky said. “Over the past year, we have spent a lot of time telling Americans what you can’t do. Today, I am going to tell you some of the things you can do, if you are fully vaccinated.” The new rules are if you have been vaccinated with two of the shots then More than half of all adults in the United States, or around 140 million people, have received at least one dose of vaccine, and more than a third have received all three doses. that being said you do not need to wear a mask if you’ve been vaccinated two times. only if you have completed your doses you can take off your mask in an outdoor setting. but that rule does not go for unvaccinated people. the rule for unvaccainted people is Unvaccinated people, on the other hand, should wear masks at small outdoor events with some other unvaccinated people, according to the CDC. Unvaccinated people are defined as those who have not yet received both doses of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine or the one-shot Johnson & Johnson formula. They should also cover their faces while dining with friends from different households at outdoor restaurants. i think there doing this so people who are worried of taking it, can take it. Everyone truly understand that masks are not in favor meaning it gets annoying to wear it constantly everywhere but if you want to take off your mask, then take the vaccine. I really hope this influences people to take the vaccine so we can have a fourth of July that’s spent with our family as well as a outdoor, vacationing summer.

2 thoughts on “No more masks?

  1. nice information on the masking policy and the hope that vaccinationbrings. I believe more and more people have grown weary of wearing their msks all the time. It’s bothersome and annoying to wear them constantly. I am hopeful for no more masks soon. I do wear mine faithfully in any indoor setting, besides home. Just looking forward to not having to do so any longer.

  2. Just like you, I do hope we will get to a point where we will no longer need masks! Honestly, this pandemic is such a buzzkill. I do recall however Fauci or someone else saying that we will still probably be having either masks or restrictions possibly into 2022, and if that’s the case, that is gonna irritate me SO MUCH! I’m curious to see what parameters the government puts on for a complete return to normalcy, how much of the population needs to be fully vaccinated for us to lift all restrictions? 70%? 90%? Unless there is a government mandate, we won’t be reaching 100%, but still, I wish they would give a realistic roadmap and state “one we reach XX% of vaccination rate, we will let every state open up completely and burn all the masks” I honestly cant wait for that day.

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