Will Racism Ever End?

The question of whether racism will ever end is a topic that concerns millions of individuals around the world. With the tragic events of the past couple of years, the issue of racism has been brought into the spotlight more than ever before. Today we’re going to look at whether racism is something that will continue forever or if there are ways it could cease to exist in the future.

A Matter of Time

One belief that’s held when discussing the end of racism is that racism will die out with current generations. An informal study by Code Switch suggested that two-thirds of the population didn’t think that the next generation will be the end of racism. During the Black Lives Matter protests last year, the majority of protestors fell in the 18 to 34-year-old category. A high percentage of the population believes that this is the age group that will bring about some of the much-needed changes to our world in the future. However, with many years to go until this age group takes prominent leadership positions worldwide, it’s difficult to know how soon their impact on the world and minimizing racism will be noticed.

Leadership Around the World

Within companies and governments today, it’s clear that racism is still an issue. Out of the Fortune 500 CEOs, there are only five black CEOs in comparison to 466 white leaders. While Asian-American CEOs are beginning to increase in number, they are still under-represented when compared to the majority. Leadership is one way in which companies and governments can start to put an end to racism. However, with the United States only just nominating its first female, first black, and first Asian-American vice president, it’s clear the world still has a long way to go. However, with these prominent changes within the world’s most powerful leadership team, it hopes to set an example to young people around the world. The tolerance for racism within diverse organizations will be lower, which will hopefully filter down to all employees and citizens in a country or business.


Another key area that could alter the course of racism around the world is education. Racism is rarely discussed in schools today, and one of the main factors behind this is that there is so much inequality still within the schooling system. The gap between the results of white students and non-Asian minority students is often attributed to their culture or lack of studying, which is rarely the case. As segregated schools existed until the 1960s, it’s clear the educational experience is unequal for these students. However, this also filters into the views of the students surrounding them. Instead of seeing the other students in their class as equal, racist views are often formed at a young age in the classroom. With more education about racism and the history of different cultures, we can work to educate the next generation.

Racism is an issue that plagues the entire world and affects millions of people today. We can only hope that through improved education and more diverse leadership in the future, that time will heal the current issues and eliminate this problem for good.

3 thoughts on “Will Racism Ever End?

  1. I appreciate your thoughts and facts throughout this blog. This is a timely topic always! Your thoughts on leadership and education are key and I see alot of opportunity in these areas daily whether its at my workpace, home, or community. There is a lot of implicit bias out in the world and that plays a key role in perpetuating racism as well.

  2. Heyyo! Solid post. It’s a very serious question to consider about racism. Will it end? One thing that I have thought of concerning this is the root of racism? Does that stem from preferences that are taken to an extreme? Does it come from a personalized experience? Historical regional development? For example, if Africa developed in the way Europe instead, would there be issues of “White Lives Matter” from European descendants in America? It’s hard to say since history went another route, but I wonder where the idea of racism comes from (aside from being born into a society that maybe reinforces racist values?)

  3. Racism is a huge problem where many people seem to offer different, often conflicting, solutions. However, any person with any regard for the future of our species must acknowledge it as an issue and work to challenge it whenever and wherever it appears. Racism may or may not ever go away, but we must never allow it to fester or we won’t have a future at all.

    Great post!

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