Homework or No Homework: That is the question

As a parent there are many topics that are of great debate in my household, one being Homework. How do we balance school, then coming home and doing 4, sometimes 6 assignments due the next day?

Even though this article is outdated, homework has been an ongoing issue for years with schools.

The argument is whether children should have homework or not. I agree with many other parents and say “No Homework.”

One of my kids spent 4 hours on 1 assignment that was due the next day for school, leaving her no room for any outdoor activities. There are so many children who do not get homework and then there are others who get an ridiculous amount throughout the week, and since the pandemic hit the entire world, school become that much more difficult for some.

One parent states “I think they should have homework. Some of it is about discipline.”https://www.theglobeandmail.com/life/parenting/the-growing-argument-against-homework/article23358570/

If my kids did something terrible in school is my child there are other consequences rather then homework being sent home. I want them to enjoy education, not hate it.

I do not agree with homework being a crucial part of a child’s success. What they do in school matters the most. What if they have questions that the parent cannot answer? I do not know how many times I have had to write a note to a teacher explaining that I could not help my child because this is new curriculum from when I was in school.

I also look at the obesity rate. Kids bringing homework home doesn’t allow them to participate in afterschool activities. It would be difficult for them to juggle both, there for they would have to sacrifice afterschool activities.

Childhood obesity rates continue upward climb in US (hospitalmanagement.net)

The principle makes great point in her article. I want the best of both worlds: Education and Physical activity. As of right now, my kids do what they can with their homework and if it’s not done then it’s not done. They tried.

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My name is Jessica. I am on an adventure to find the best career to fit my needs and the needs of my family. I will be exploring and researching different careers in the hope to find a match. Lets take this journey together...... Any thoughts or ideas please feel free to leave a comment

3 thoughts on “Homework or No Homework: That is the question

  1. I love this blog Jessica! My kids are not at the age yet that they are in school and I have to worry about this, but I think about it for the future a lot. I think I am also against homework, especially at such young ages. I want my kids to be kids, even as high schoolers. I want them to have time to enjoy being young!

  2. I like the connection you made with obesity and homework. Kids having too much homework keeps them from participating in many after school activities, such as sports. I think there needs to be some homework for kids, but a lot less than most receive.

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