September – Suicide Prevention Month


Bringing Awareness to Suicide Prevention Month

We have just recently begun the month of September, which is a month that has a public, widely known campaign that is known as Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. This particular campaign is very important to me, especially this year, this month. Just a few days ago – someone that I knew tragically lost their life to suicide.

They left behind a very confused, frustrated, and mournful family… in that family, was my niece. She is only five years old, and now no longer has a father. Her father will not be there for her prom, her high school graduation, he won’t be there to walk her down the aisle on her wedding day, he won’t be there, at all. He is gone – but he is not forgotten.

Lets Talk About It

Nobody enjoys talking about suicide. Nobody wants to talk about suicide. Nobody wants to hear the word, suicide. In order for our society to stop it, we first must understand it, we are unable to prevent something that we don’t have knowledge in – after all. Before a few days ago, I never wanted to speak of suicide. It seemed taboo, and I didn’t want to think of it. However – it was forced upon my mind when I found out suicide took someone I knows life.

When this happened, I began to think… what could have been done to prevent such a tragic event, how did this happen, what drove this individual to do such a thing? but then I realized, I do not have any answers to any of these questions. Instead of thinking “what could I have done” I realized I should start thinking “what can I do”.

Mental health and suicide prevention needs to be more prevalent in today’s society. Instead of seeing targeted ads on Facebook about video games and materialistic items, mental health and suicide prevention ads need to be made more so available to those that need them. Here in the US, we are known to be a very, very individualist society. We focus on ourselves, which is OK – but we need to remember to think of others, too. I can’t help but think my nieces father could still be here if someone would have reached out. Experiencing this dilemma has certainly taught me to think of others more often.

Be There When Those Need You Most

So, after thinking about what I can do to try and prevent things like this happening in the future is to be kind, caring, open, and most of all – be there for folks. Every single person you know has their own struggles, their own battles, and their own trials and tribulations. Instead of adding to that, be kind, be helpful, and remember most of all – we must discuss the taboo subject, suicide… we must be aware of it and discuss it before we can prevent it.

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