Do You Think Mainstream Media is more Bias than Neutral?

Well, my answer to this question is a resounding “Yes!” I will say they seem to be more bias now than ever before, at least (in my mind) it is more obvious now. When you look at this article from Fox News you will see what I’m referring to. They try to disguise it as “opinion” to act as if they are neutral but I believe if you let someone voice their opinion on your platform then you support and believe what they are saying to be fact!

Is this a professional article or an unprofessional rant?

In this article the author goes off on rant about his opinion of President Biden, pretty much calling him a useless liar.  And while I agree that this administration is not perfect and have made some questionable decisions when it comes to the economy of our country. I think it is irresponsible and unprofessional of Fox News to allow someone to disrespect the president or anybody for that matter on their website.

I believe in freedom of speech but when you are calling people names like “arrogant and Incompetent” or saying things like “no one ever actually really liked Joe Biden anyways” like a child, it is hard for me to agree or even hear what you are saying.

This is obviously politically motivated

In addition, to the media being bias I think that the people are more divided than ever before, and it is because of mainstream media and articles like this. The author claims to be speaking for everyone but consistently knocks the democratic party calling them “Far left radicals” and saying statements like “The left’s attempt to sell socialism and heavy-handed government mandates in the United States of America has been like trying to jam a square peg into a round hole – it just doesn’t fit” which shows an obvious dislike of the democratic party and the hidden agenda of this article to sway anyone that reads it to have hatred towards Biden and the Democratic party as a whole and to support the other side whatever that may be. This is not neutral!

Now, For My Opinion!

Let me start out by saying, that my opinion is if it is your job to provide the daily news then you should keep your opinion to yourself and just give us what we want “the facts!”

I wholeheartedly believe, and support, freedom of speech and human rights. And I do not think that government should have to mandate us to do anything especially when it comes to doing what is right to protect the health and welfare of our people and country.

But, I also don’t think that our pain and suffering should be used as a “political tool” to divide us more then we already are. I believe that this is a time when we should be banding together as humans to win the battle against this ugly virus (Covid).

 In my opinion (Democrat or not) the current administration is doing their best to get us through this in the midst of very trying times that were created by the previous administration. Instead of joining together as caring human beings and putting all differences aside certain people in our media and government are doing the complete opposite.

 I grew up counting on the information that was provided by mainstream media to be trustworthy, factual, and free of bias and opinion. This article is a prime example of the rhetoric that both sides of the social media coin are spewing out to the vulnerable public. I think that we as a people need to come together be an example of what it means to lift up and support each other since our “supposed” leaders and information professionals can’t!

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