Having a More Plant Base Diet is Good for your planet

Those of you that know me will probably look at the title of my blog “role your eyes” and think I am a hypocrite. The reason why you would do that is because you probably saw me eating a burger the other day which 99% percent of the time is plant based but I do admit I have a turkey burger here and there and chicken more then I probably should.

Now you are probably asking yourself why would I create this blog then? Well, my answer to that question is I have a goal of eventually going completely vegetarian within the next year. Also, during my research on plant-based diets I’ve discovered a lot of things about meat consumption that I didn’t know, and think should be shared with everyone like me that is wanting to change.

The Answer is Yes!

If you are on the fence about if you should stop or slow your meat consumption, I say no time is sooner than the present. As a matter of fact, after thinking about this deeper I myself (as I am writing this) am thinking of accelerating my goal to do it sooner than the original plan.

Why is eating meat bad for the planet?

Did you know that for us to be able to eat meat our precious land is used to raise animals instead of natural stuff like vegetables, wheat, and even clean water? To keep animals fed and groomed for our consumption animal farmers have to cut down healthy trees, and vegetation that provide the oxygen that we breath and rids the air from the carbon dioxide that we breath out.  As a matter of fact, Cows must consume 16 pounds of vegetation in order to convert them into 1 pound of flesh. Raising animals for food consumes more than half of all water used in the U.S. It takes 2,500 gallons of water to produce a pound of meat but only 25 gallons to produce a pound of wheat. I addition to that, for every time a tree is cut down for the production of meats cardon dioxide is released it to the air accelerating climate change and jeopardizing our atmosphere as we know it.  

So how can I eat more vegetables and help save the planet?

Well, lucky for us meat eaters that are on the fence with our diets wanting to make a change there are now plenty of non-meat options out there to help us transition. If you haven’t had a “Beyond Meat burger”, I suggest you check it out! Most grocery stores now sell packages of plant-based meat that you can use for grilling, baking, or even frying that tastes exactly if not better than beef or chicken. These meat substitutes are packed with the proteins that beef gives you and fiber and vitamins of vegetables it is truly the best of both worlds!

Also, if you are on a budget like me, I shop at Aldi for my raw fruits and veggies their prices are amazing (about 1/3 the prices of Cub or Walmart) and the product is great! This change in your diet will not only help us cut down on “Carbon emissions,” protect our ozone layer, and slow the acceleration of climate change on of our planet, it will help you become a healthier better you!

So, when it comes down to it we need to help save our planet so Click here to get started!

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