Mary Lucia and the Power of System Change

Mary Lucia

There is tremendous courage in bringing up workplace toxicity, especially when said toxicity is coming from the top, to the ones that sign your paycheck. Additionally, there often isn’t an incentive in it if you are speaking up on behalf of your coworkers who are the recipients of the toxic behavior. “I’ve been concerned with equity and fair treatment of all of my sisters at the station. Past, present and future. Know your worth, embrace your unique talent and voice and lift each other up.” After working there for 17 years, you know that the situation had to be pretty awful.

The Current has connected many people to music over the years – shows like Rock The Garden sell out in seconds instead of hours like it did before the radio station existed. The archives listed for Mary Lucia on the Current’s weblink above shows that she created a powerful following through her own scheduled shows and curated playlists.

In the Bring Me The News article listed above, the shock of Jim McGuinn abruptly leaving his post will certainly stir up some more chatter – is there a shake-up going on in public radio? Are they going to hire an external system-change consultant to address the ongoing allegations of sexual harassment, gender pay-gap issues etc.?? Either way, it cannot be understated how much of an impact Mary has had (and will continue to have) on the Twin Cities music scene, and how serious and consequential for The Current her departure has been.

The lesson that public radio administrators would benefit to learn from this to keep their fans and stakeholders happy is that classical management and gender pay inequality is becoming a thing of the past, and tenured employees will leave because we are in a new era of what we (working people) will and won’t accept. The world is already full of uncertainty and stress because of COVID, why does it have to be in the workplace? Take Mary’s lead; state your boundaries, state your concerns. Just like any other relationship, if you are heard and understood (or not), you have your options to stay or to leave. Listen to your gut and trust there are people who will support your decision.

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I live in South Minneapolis with my cat Milhouse, work full time in human services and am taking MDST 485 (Communicating with New Media) and PSYC 302 (Adult Development and Lifelong Learning) for the Spring 2022 at Metro State.

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