Archery : Benefits to Health (Blog Post 2)

As opposed to disc golf which I wrote about in my first post, archery is something I have taken up relatively recently. A bunch of my friends and I have a group discord where we post various events, chat while playing videogames or just talk about anything and everything, or even just share funny things about our days. I love this discord because it has helped me stay connected with my friends due to various events, but also to be able to try new activities. I had never tried karaoke for instance, until I joined the discord. Another thing that this discord server got me interested in is archery! There is a great place where we like to meet known as “Archer Park” in Burnsville, Minnesota. It has separate lanes, and has varying distances ranging from 10 to 80 yards. As a beginner I like to stick to 20 yards, but some of my friends will go up farther. We all use recurve bows, which essentially means there is no mechanical assistance when you are shooting, just a string and your hand! That is one of the things I love about archery is you really feel connected to the bow and you now any mistakes are due to your own errors. This can seem daunting, but is also a great source of improvement over time.

According to the website worldarchery, “On their way to topping the Olympic podium, a male archer burns an estimated 1,084 calories”. Exercise has also been proven to be a benefit to mental health! I have personally struggled with mental health, I remember at my previous institution Saint Olaf College I spent a lot of time alone and cooped up in my room, which ended up making my mental health worse over time. Nowadays I try to spend more time outside and with friends, because these things are extremely beneficial to one’s mental health.


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