The Importance of Music

In third grade, my elementry school had an orchestral performance in our school gym. They were playing the story of Peter and the Wolf. At first, it just seemed like an ordinary performace that we occasionally had in elementry school. As the performance progressed, I was infactuated with the music. The story was great as well. This all changed when I heard the flute excerpt of the bird from the story. I was immediately taken aback and astonished by the musician playing. I was completely encaptured with every performer after this sudden flush of love. This experience led to 15 years of playing the flute. Though I dont play as much anymore, I wish to pick it back up again to revisit those memories.

I would like to discuss something else though, the importance of music in our lives. There are many benefits when incorporating music into your daily life.

They include…

  1. Music is the key to creativity
  • Music is a universal language and tells its own story if you pay close attention. When you are playing an instrument, you are telling your own story through the notes and emotion within.

2. Music releases endorphins which make people happy

  • As a result, there is a great effect on the immune system which influences mood greatly.

3. Music positvely affects emotional and physical well-being

  • Music helps develop coordination and stamina. Playing an instrument and producing notes takes a lot of coordination. I say stamina because you need lots of air support to produce a clear sound from the instrument.

I watned to share my love for my music in this post. My favorite piece to play is Cecile Chamindaes – Flute Concertino. It is a great exerpt and exercise that’ll definitely tire someone out, including me. It is unlike me to share my musicianship with people. If you asked to see this two years ago, I would have been reluctant and timid to share. I was not confident about my skills whatsoever.

I hope after this brief introduction of the importance of music in our lives you either pick up and instrument or you listen to your favorite genre of music every day. Make it a part of your daily routine. The benefits outweight the negatives. Try it out and see how you feel afterwards.

4 thoughts on “The Importance of Music

  1. AGREED! during the begging of the pandemic and so many other times, music seems to be the one thing that can consistently give me what I need. From inspiration to just making me feel better, I love how music allows up to connect with ourselves and the world.

  2. Hello,
    I totally agree, music helps with so much. I can not go a day without listening to music. It makes me feel better and I appreciate you showing how music can make the world feel a little bit better.

  3. I didn’t know you could play the flute so well! Most guys gravitate to the guitar but for me the one that got away was an opportunity to play the piano. It’s such a complex instrument and creates so much of the world’s greatest music. You really touched on something when you mentioned how music can tap into things like creativity that a lot of us don’t exercise enough.

  4. Anissa, you are so incredibly talented! That was beautiful! I also played the flute in grade school but I stopped after a while. I tried picking it back up but stopped trying. This was very inspiring! I love music and agree wholeheartedly that we need music in our lives.

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