Being an independent artist

With the state of the creative industry (and general work), we have the privilege of many different forms of ork. There is the option to work a 9-5 in corporate america, within nonprofits, be a contractor, or a freelancer and the final option, start your own business. If leadership and the industry doesn’t fit how we want to work, there’s power in creating your own thing. As Gen Z we are dealing with more than most. We have access to more information than anyone before which gives us read and centurie with of knowledge and data to analyze our day to day lives. We are tired and hurt by many things; climate change, wages, legislation, and health care. As the generation that grew up will have cellphones we understand that when unsatisfied, you can do something about it. Earning from the past unionizing is a common method for change, so is social media activism and protesting. Another way is to be independent from problematic cultures by starting your own thing whether it’s a business or a movement. Starting a business is not the easiest task but has tons of benefits. As a freelancer and soon to be business owner, the biggest motivator was being able to do my own thing, on my own terms and to a satisfactory standard. Many creatives have already begun to start their own businesses along with being freelancers because there’s more power and respect when you’re the one making the decisions. 

The first article touches on how the creative industry is falling to Gen Z by continuing a culture of undervaluing creatives. The second story highlights the start of many small businesses created by people who saw a lack and a need within their creative industries. Together you can learn the pros and cons of working in the industry and starting your own business.

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