If I could own a building

Over the past years I have had the honor to be friends with many artists and entrepreneurs. If you are not familiar, New Rules is a multi-use space on the northside that people can use for an array of things like gallery shows, art studio, performance space, and private events and parties. This space has been of great use to the community and many people have benefited from this space. There are also spaces like Public Functionary which provides gallery space and studio space for arts. Recently, my friend Jojo was a part of creating Banana Leaf which is another space for young artist to work out of. Inspired by all of this I can only dream of creating my own space. I love the idea of multi-use spaces, whether its a cafe, gallery, event space, studio or library, I like the variety. This space would host community dialogues, pop-ups, movie nights, workshops and musical performances. I would want this space to be a cultural hub for creation and community. I am inspired by nature and art so I want this space to be calming yet inspirational. When I travel to spaces like New York and Mexico City, I am reminded how space, people, environment and culture are intertwined. This is ideally how I envision my space to be.

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