It’s time for an extra cup

I have no doubt many of the bloggers here are like myself and can’t seem to get enough java during the workweek. Over the years we’ve all heard the warnings and hazards of having too much. While some concern is warranted regarding caffeine addiction and the ramifications of such should not be taken lightly. Coffee can actually provide a lot of positive effects for the body if consumed in normal quantities.

There have been a lot of studies conducted on the effects of coffee that prove, time and time again, that the benefits really do outweigh the risks. For example, a decade-long study that was concluded in 2018 found that 500,000 coffee drinking adults were 10%-15% less likely to die than non-coffee drinkers. If that isn’t enough reason to have another cup it’s worth mentioning that coffee is also a natural antioxidant and reduces inflammation. 

While the perks of coffee sound great, the catch is that the people receiving these benefits are drinking multiple cups a day. To maintain a healthy range the experts recommend that we drink three cups a day and no more than five since the positive effects diminish after that point. As I reviewed these studies I want to point out that there wasn’t a consensus on whether the coffee had to be caffeinated or not. However, logic would dictate that if caffeine intake is a concern it’s probably best to stay safe and drink decaf.

1 thought on “It’s time for an extra cup

  1. I found this utterly fascinating, thanks so much for bringing it to our attention. I also wonder if any similar studies have been conducted on tea, as I’m more of a tea than a coffee drinker. Don’t think my two cups will hurt me, though. Anyway, really enjoyable post!

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