Negative impacts of social media

This article goes through how social media negatively impacts your creativity. As someone that uses social media a ton, I have to disagree with many of the perspectives. I don’t think that social media’s impact on creativity is as bad as this author makes it out to be. 


Ben believes that technology reduces creative thinking; daydreaming, concentration, attention, and patience. I think these concerns are fine but I often see people forget to point out that this is only due to how much someone may spend using technology and the wrong tkinds of technology. This is also due to how someone might be using it, we don’t have these same concerns for people that spend time on technology coding, in school or reading. This is a very specific narrative for people that use social media apps. 

Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat 

Ben argues that spending so much time navigating through these apps keeps us from doing useful things like reading, exercising and socializing. I agree if you aren’t doing any of those things but during the pandemic we saw that social media is actually a tool to be able to do these things from anywhere. There are many fitness pages on social media, there are many authors and think pieces that get published daily and social media is one of the most useful tools when it comes to socializing. 


Social media is killing the truth…do you agree? I feel that’s especially in the Trump era and how easily false information or propaganda can spread. I don’t think this has to do with society but instead how as society we have a hard time dicing on what’s right and honest. This makes it so false narratives or unpopular opinions are perceived as true. If you were going to believe in false stories, the newspaper can provide that. 

Now this author Ben doesn’t completely hate or think social media is the end of creativity. He points out some positives; Social media expands our knowledge and allows us to develop work and social skills, both things can and will lead to creativity. So in the end I think it all falls in the hand of the user. Personally, social media and technology has pushed my creativity as I’m able to learn from all over the world and be inspired by the things I see online.

1 thought on “Negative impacts of social media

  1. Hello,
    I think social media has totally ruined society. I think the pandemic has made the use of social media worse. It is amazing what social media can do for others but it is important that society uses it for a better things instead of falling into negativity involved with the aspects of social media.

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