Too Much?/Old Man Yelling at the Clouds

As a man of a certain age, I am finding myself more and more overwhelmed by the sheer volume of what we are expected to sort through as we consume media, filter news, keep in contact with friends and family or simply look for a place to grab a cup of coffee. I will be the first to admit that I have no idea what someone means with they say that they take advice from “influencers” when making decisions.

I have included a link to a documentary about a man and a project that was influential to me when I was a young man. In this case, it was a minimalist approach to an artistic endeavor that I believe holds up to this day. In 1998 Jm Brandenburg, rebelling not against iPhones or Tik Tok overload but simply the reams of actual old-fashioned film that his contemporaries would use to capture the perfect image, released the results of an amazing journey. From the first day of fall, until the winter solstice, from his home base in the Boundary Waters, he allowed himself to take only 1 single photo per day. He literally only pressed the button one time per 24 hours.

The resulting book is extraordinary when you weigh the results alongside the knowledge of the amount of patience and commitment it took to plan and execute 90 shareable images that tell the story of a season of change, all with one choice per day. This may sound silly in this day and age, and I’m not saying the current forms/trends of expression are shallow or poorly thought out, but I do feel that undertakings such as this cannot be forgotten.

Brandenburg, J. (). Chased by the light : a 90-day journey. Minnetonka, Minn.: NorthWord Press.

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