Blog Post 1: Blogger as intelligent filter: the annotated link post

As a college student one of the most important days of our college career is Graduation day. It is the day that we dream of from the first day you start college. The many exams, papers, homework assignments and hours of reading has finally over. The degree has been earned and a deep breath can be taken. So the question is Now what?

Some people have everything planned out and there is no question on what they are going to do. There are many of us who do not know what their next step and it is ok not to know what is next. For those that don’t know this article gives very good options on what is next. These options the article suggest to do can help in leading recent graduates down a path to the career they want and starting their life after college. It also mentions volunteering and going to another country. A few of the options I had not even thought of.

Overall I think this article will give you something to think about. The article gives options for every graduate and where they are in their life. Whatever you choose to do after college, make sure you take the time out to appreciate the great accomplishment of Graduating. College is not easy but it is worth it and it is the beginning of the rest of your life.

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