Blog post 2

As our world continues to shift towards a new era, society has been submitted to the content of change. The revolving surroundings in our neighborhoods, our job spaces, the country, we must adapt and overcome the reality thats happening. The two links that are posted below are publicity, world-wide events happening in our society and how people are being accepted vs how the public accepts it. As we watch the two videos, we should be aware of the people around us and their personal reference of who they are. I am not entitled to comment on a personal reference based on their own ideal but there are people who do not believe in it and are not able to accept.
*DISCLAIMER* I do not own the two-video links.

(190) LGBTQIA+ Voices: The Coming Out Experience – YouTube

(190) THE TRANSGENDER DEFENDER: Her rise and fall at the hands of Ben Shapiro – YouTube

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