Blog Post #3- Working From Home…

Link: People who want to work from home are lazy and just want to watch Loose Women, says businessman – Wales Online

The article I linked above discusses how a man named “James Cox” believes people who work from home are lazy and how WFH needs to come to an end. I chose to criticize it because it’s simply not true. WFH (Working from home) became normalized because of the pandemic. There are many studies and research that prove that WFH boosts employee productivity and has helped companies/organizations become more successful. Within these studies and research, WFH has many benefits such as: a work/life balance, lower stress, job satisfaction, etc. In the article, James Cox described the people who WFH as “People who want to doss on the sofa with your laptop in your PJs…You want to work from home! So you don’t have to get dressed at 6 AM? So you can save money on travel? So that you can watch Loose Women on your lunch break?” Yes, James exactly that. Do you know how much time and money people saved from commuting to work 5 days a week? Personally, I saved so much on gas, especially during inflation. People are realizing the flexibility WFH provides, people can apply for remote jobs from all over the country, and don’t even have to leave their own city. 

James Cox then goes on to say “People say it’s a better work-life balance if you’ve got children or pets, they want to see their children in the morning or their sister can have their children at certain hours but deep down I’m just seeing a lazy mentality”- Does he not realize there are children who live in single-parent households? WFH provides great flexibility to parents, and they get to save so much money on daycare/babysitters. Don’t get me wrong WFH is not easy, back-to-back meetings, and long hours can be difficult, but guess what? Some parents and students balance (life, school, extra-circulars, and many other things) including their WORK- so how is this lazy mentality, James? I disagree with James’s opinion and the entire article because there are no facts/studies to back up his terrible opinion. If WFH was so bad and employees are lazy- why would companies/organizations continue WFH today?

There’s an article published by Business News Daily, that discusses how WFH increases productivity, (someone should send this link to James). The article goes into detail about studies that show that WFH employees experience less stress. There was the “2020 Nitro Study” done and it showed that “the number of employees who felt extremely stressed while working has declined”. There is also another article that provides evidence that James Cox’s article is wrong, it discusses many surveys and reports that show the great perks/benefits of WFH. The article states “Prodoscore reports an increase in productivity by 47% since March 2020…Companies like Splunk, Affirm, and Microsoft saw a large spike in Protiviti in the first couple of months of quarantine”. If the biggest corporations in the world, have data/reports that WFH boots work productivity and performance, it truly shows how wrong/biased James Cox is. To summarize, employees who WFH are not lazy and WFH should never end, as it provides great benefits for corporations/organizations and employees. 

Below are the links to the studies/reports that support WFH (I mentioned above)

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