Social Media & Consumerism! – Blog Post #5

How many purchases have you made because it was trendy on social media? Social media has created a pathway for influencers, celebrities, and brands to advertise their products on each platform… what does this lead to? Consumerism! I cannot tell you the number of times I fell into the “TikTok hype” before I do, let me define what “TikTok hype” means. It’s a phrase that’s commonly used today by many users, to describe something that is worth buying. Influencers will post about a sponsorship, or a regular person will just record a product review of the item and tell people to buy it, etc. I’ve wasted so much money because I always used to buy the trendiest thing, whether it was hair accessories, clothing, beauty products, or anything else. It’s crazy how social media has such an influence on how I spend my money.  In the “How does Social Media Influence Consumer Behavior” article by Clootrack, there’s this interesting quote that stood out to me… the text states “A Deloitte report highlighted that consumers who are influenced by social media are 4 times more likely to spend more on purchases”. 

When people are sharing their experience/review of a product, it will influence others to try it out. It’s become so crazy that people now have their own “Amazon Storefront”. This is where they list all the products they buy, so others can buy them off their page. If a purchase is made, the individual will receive a percentage. It has literally become a business… a shady one too if I might add. How do we know what’s real anymore or what’s worth buying? How do I know if they just want to make a $$$ off me? 

The “How Social Media influences Us to Buy” article by becomingminimalist addresses an interesting point. The article states that “social media advertising is more effective because the opportunity to purchase is immediate”– What this means is that if we see an ad for new shoes, we are going to buy it within that same minute because of how convenient our phone is to online shopping. Whereas before people would see an ad, and drive to the store, all while remembering what it is they want. But since we have our phones, all we need is the app and to have our credit card info memorized…that’s all it takes. I like how this article specifically addresses how personal spending is more visible. For instance, if I see my friend spending money, I will also think I should/can spend money too. Everyone has their reasons, but maybe it’s because they’re influenced by that one purchase their friend made, and now it’s “Oh I think I want this too”. This is why I prefer to do my shopping alone because I don’t want to buy unnecessary things, and feel pressured/influenced. I am trying to become a minimalist every day, I only buy staple pieces for my wardrobe, and I no longer feel the need to buy into trends. 

The two articles: 

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