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Are vaccines really that important?

I have always been up on my vaccines so I had never really given much though to the subject. I am protected, so what do I have to worry about? I have a small child and while we are working on his vaccines over the course of his first year of life, I fear what could happen if he came into contact with a disease that he does not have full protection from yet. Recently in Minnesota we have seen an outbreak of measles among small children. It is understood that in some cultures vaccines can be against religions or beliefs. It is also understood that in some cases, due to medical conditions, people are not able to get vaccines. No matter the reason it can still be scary to think about. Are we on the verge of a massive outbreak that could spiral out of control at any time?

MPR recently posted an article that outlines the current measles outbreak in Minnesota. While what is discussed in this article only is for a small handful of children, the amount of children who don’t receive vaccines is much higher. If these children were to come into contact with the infected parties, we could be looking at many sick children.

My Grandmother contracted polio when she was 16 years old. As a result of the illness, she is now a paraplegic. I can’t imagine the devastation if we had an outbreak of any of these diseases today that could be prevented with a simple shot. speaks about the eradication of diseases. While we can’t force all people to be on board with vaccines and while I respect different viewpoints on the necessity of vaccines, what a great accomplishment to have all of these diseases eradicated from todays world.

Sad Social Media

I have always been the type of person to respect all people’s thoughts and beliefs. I have never bashed anyone for things they think or say simply because I disagree or think differently. I believe that all people can learn from each other while engaging in conversations if they have different views or thoughts. With that being said, I have found that I have been having a hard time with social media lately. Leading up to our recent presidential election and after, I have found Facebook to be a war zone. Many people use Facebook to have discussions about current events and I am perfectly fine with that, but I have never seen so many fights on Facebook as I have recently. I get it, I totally do – people are heated about the outcome and need an outlet to write about it.

It seems like anytime someone posts a status update or an article relating to the election, someone posts a comment that is full of hate or extreme negativity. I have witnessed friends who have said horrible things to their family members. It’s not something that I care to see. I like to log onto Facebook and see positive things or things that I can learn from, not super aggressive fights with mean and hurtful words. Seeing these things make me sad and leave me feeling down. Maybe I should just keep scrolling and not pay attention, but I have actually contemplated taking a break from Facebook and just deactivating my account until things calm down a little.

I recently ran across an article that outlines how to filter out political posts so that they won’t show up on my news feed. I decided to follow the steps so that I won’t see the fights that leave me feeling sad. I feel like I will start to have a more positive experience on social media after using the filter tool. Is it wrong to just want to see cute pictures of puppies and kids on Facebook?

Sarah Whitehead